Centre of Russia, Eurasia, and Southeastern Europe

The Centre for Russia and Eurasia was created by decision of the Administrative Board of the Institute of International Relations of Panteion University in November 2004. In September 2008, the Administrative Board of the Institute of International Relations approved the enlargement of the activities of the Centre, which was renamed the Centre of Russia, Eurasia, and South-eastern Europe.

CERESE is a purely scientific centre, engaged in studying and analyzing the developing events in the post-Soviet region and South-eastern Europe. Our scientific interest extents from the Baltic Sea to Japan — regions that are in close proximity to unstable areas such as the Middle East, East Asia, and the Balkans.

CERESE is divided in four research groups, with a total of 50 researchers and junior researchers committed to informing the public responsibly and prominently, with the goal of enhancing the level of knowledge in matters related to Russia and the wider area of Eurasia. The Professor of International Relations, Dr. Constantinos Filis serves as CERESE’s academic supervisor, and Dimosthenis D. Dimopoulos as its coordinator.

The Research Groups of CERESE are the following:

  • The Foreign Policy, Defense and Security Research Group

    This group focuses on studying and analysing the developments pertaining to issues related to the
    foreign policy, defense, and security practices in the post-Soviet space region.
  • The Human Rights, and Democracy Research Group

    This group focuses on researching and studying the singularities of the national political systems within
    the CERESE’s area, as well as analysing the developments related to human and social rights on a
    domestic level.
  • The Economy, Energy, and Environment Research Group

    This group focuses on studying and elucidating the energy, financial, and environmental developments
    in the region of Eurasia and Southeastern Europe, with an emphasis on post-Soviet space.
  • The Special Affairs Research Team

    This group consists of select Research Trainees, who focus on the advanced research of issues
    pertaining to the CERESE’s geographical area, with a mission to publish scientific articles, policy
    papers, and opinion articles, both for the experts and the wider public.



Dr. Constantinos Filis – Academic Supervisor


Dimosthenis D. Dimopoulos – Coordinator

Mr. Dimosthenis D. Dimopoulos holds a Master’s Degree in International and Strategic Studies from Panteion University. He joined the Centre of Russia, Eurasia and South-Eastern Europe in 2013 and since then has held various positions, until he was appointed Coordinator of the Centre on September 2021.

Mr. Dimopoulos was an editor at OnAlert.gr, a news site specializing in military and defense topics from 2018 until 2019. He has served as an Advisor at the .