Participation of Women in the Politics of the Eurasian Countries


by Aleksandra Khramova


   This article aims to define the role of women in the politics of Eurasian countries such as Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia. Applying different approaches and historical examples, the author proves that women are able to conduct an assertive foreign policy to an equal extent as men. But female leaders are more inclined to focus on internal politics, promoting social justice inside the country. However, that happens only if women are allowed to actively participate in politics. Using different indexes, the author analyzes the role of women in the politics and the society of Eurasian countries. Since Belarus and Kazakhstan demonstrate better scores, their best practices are presented in the article as examples the rest of the Eurasian countries. Political uncertainty in these countries demands more women in politics to balance the system, therefore these states should make strong efforts to enable women in the decision-making process.


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Picture: “Woman Portrait Map Sexism”, by Gerd Altmann is marked with Pixabay License.


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