PODCAST Podcast.IA S02E01
Safeguarding the democratic institutions in times of war


In this episode, Panagiota Chatzilymperi and Klimis Katsiavrias debate with Pavlos Karagiannodimas and Stamatina Somaraki about the safeguarding of democratic institutions in times of war. Hosted by Theoni Griva and Giannis Ilkos.

Hosts: Theoni Griva, Giannis Ilkos

Participants: Panagiota Chatzilymperi, Pavlos Karagiannodimas, Klimis Katsiavrias, Stamatina Somaraki

Producer: Archontia G. Kalliteri

Music: Piano/Synth & Drums‘ by Erokia/Jordan Powell from Freesound.org, licensed under CC BY 4.0

Listen to the full episode: Spotify | Youtube



Picture: “Stone wall” by Alexgp via pxhere.  


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