PODCAST Podcast.IA S02E08
The European Union’s East/West LGBTIQA+ Divide


In this episode, Theoni Griva and Stamatina Somaraki debate with Panagiota Chatzilymperi and Pavlos Karagiannodimas on the European Union’s East vs. West divide on LGBTIQA+ issues. Hosted by Klimis Katsiavrias.


Host: Klimis Katsiavrias  


Participants: Panagiota Chatzilymperi, Theoni Griva, Pavlos Karagiannodimas, Stamatina Somaraki


Producer: Archontia G. Kalliteri


Music: Piano/Synth & Drums‘ by Erokia/Jordan Powell from Freesound.org, licensed under CC BY 4.0


Listen to the full episode: Spotify | Youtube



Picture: “Stone wall” by Alexgp via pxhere.  


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