The Power of ICTs:
Cyber-Revolution and Social Change in Iran


by Klimis Katsiavrias


   For months the people of Iran have protested; frustrations over the injustices suffered by women and minorities had long reached a boiling point. A death, their rallying cry and to their voices, transplanted over space and time, through the cybersphere have reached the far corners of the world. But how did this avenue affect and distort, both the image that was received and the reality that was lived. This article examines the role of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in shaping political movements and governmental responses in Iran. Employing a qualitative analysis of diverse sources, this study seeks to elucidate the dialectical interplay between digital and public realms. By unearthing patterns, themes, and relationships, the investigation aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of ICTs’ impact on Iranian politics, offering insights into potential trends relevant to analogous contexts.



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Picture: “Woman Scream Angry”, by Shima Abedinzade is marked with Pixabay License.


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