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Week 20 [20240323-20240329]


Every Monday, the Research Trainees of the CERESE assess the news of the previous week. You can read their opinions below:


I like…


the European Union’s decision on Ukrainian exports. The EU will continue to suspend tariffs and quotas on Ukrainian agricultural exports for another year. It aims to support Ukraine, but in the event of major disruptions in European markets due to Ukrainian imports, the Commission can take all necessary measures to protect European farmers. The current tariff suspension expires on June 5, 2024. If approved, the new suspension will take effect on the following day and will last until June 5, 2025.



...the decision of the Bangkok Criminal Court. In particular, the Thai court acquitted 70 members of the People’s Alliance, clearing them of all charges on which they were arrested during mass protests in 2008. The defendants had symbolically occupied the capital’s two airports for ten days and the state television station for three months, opposing then-Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra. The court ruled that the demonstrations were protected under the Constitution and acquitted the defendants. This event is a positive development, as in the past scare tactics and the use of violence have been tools of pressure against dissidents.



I dislike…


the new Israeli Supreme Court ruling on the military service of ultra-Orthodox Jews. Specifically, this ruling orders the government of Israel to cut off funding to religious educational institutions of the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community in the country because that community opposes the mandatory enlistment of its members. This is a strike against religious freedom in Israel and militarizes the whole of Israeli society.



...the shutting down of the United Nations panel that monitored sanctions against North Korea. In the vote that took place on Thursday, 28 March, Russia used its veto power to block the renewal of monitoring the proper observance of sanctions aimed at controlling North Korea’s nuclear arsenal. As Russia denies allegations of importing and using weapons from North Korea, which routinely ignores and circumvents these sanctions, China and Russia are trying to ease restrictions in order to strengthen cooperation against the West.





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