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Week 11 [20230114-20230120]


Every Monday, the Research Trainees of the CERESE assess the news of the previous week. You can read their opinions below:


I like the interview given on 19 January by US State Department adviser Derek Chollet, following his recent visit to Pristina and Belgrade. He tried to put an optimistic spin on the viability of the negotiations, but noted that both sides should try to continue their contacts. It is positive that the international community has turned its attention to this region. Negotiations need to be continued, with respect for the rights of the communities and the maintenance of peace in the region.



I like the news of the Japan Self-Defense Air Force (JASDF) and the Indian Air Force (IAF) holding their first bilateral fighter training in Japan, marking a historic milestone in the two countries’ defense and security ties amid military build-up of China and its regional activity. I see this news as positive, as the two states in question send a message to China’s provocative foreign policy in the region.



I dislike the news that after the abolition of China’s “Zero Covid” campaign, thousands of workers are left without a job. The Chinese workers once employed to carry out the mass testing that for years was a cornerstone of the country’s pandemic strategy have faced a sudden loss of income, as the country abandoned its “zero Covid” campaign. Now, hundreds of angry pandemic-control workers are protesting to demand wages and jobs.



I dislike the news that there was an explosion at a chemical factory in China, leaving at least 2 dead and 12 missing. The explosion occurred at a chemical plant and refinery in Panshan County, North China’s Liaoning Province. In addition to the 2 dead and 12 missing, 34 others were injured in the incident. Of the injured, 4 are in critical condition and are being hospitalized, while the fire that resulted from the explosion was brought under control after a few hours. Explosions in chemical factories are very dangerous for the people themselves as well as for the environment, which is polluted and destroyed.



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